delectable: food tcg

card count: 80
card worth: 80
date joined: 9/9/2017
date updated: 9/21/2017

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9/10: Starter Pack: grilledcheese08, grilledcheese15, pizza01, coffee01, tofu02, cupcakes06, cupcakes04, gyoza03, tiramisu06
9/14: Blackjack: macarons14, bacon06
Card Claim: grilledcheese09, pizza15
Card Puzzle: conversationhearts12, friedchicken07, + 2 piece of cakes
Freebies: ramen11, grilledcheese03, blackbeans02, + 2 piece of cakes
Hangman: hottea14, lemons01
Higher or Lower: frozenyogurt15, grilledcheese07
Melting Pot: Traded coffee01 for grilledcheese11
Memory: tofu09, pierogi07, + 2 piece of cakes
Unreleased Cards Vote: cheesecake14, tofu04, pizza10
Slots: cupcakes06, cheesecake09, cupcakes13, + 2 piece of cakes
Wheel of Fortune: pizza14, tacos13
Wishing Well: cookiedough07, macarons10, cupcakes03
New Decks: garlicbread09, garlicbread12, pancakes01, pancakes09, cookiedough03
9/21: Blackjack: ramune15, macarons10
Higher or Lower: apples15, grilledcheese12
Hangman: garlicbread07, tiramisu10
Card Puzzle: friedrice03, bacon06, + 2 piece of cakes
Freebies: popcorn05, mango15, pancakes11, + 2 piece of cakes
Memory: cherries07, cupcakes02, + 2 piece of cakes
Melting Pot: Traded lemons01 for friedchicken09
Pick A Random: lemons12, + 2 piece of cakes
Slots: frenchtoast15, popcorn12, tiramisu05, + 2 piece of cakes
Unreleased Cards Vote: wontonsoup01, animalcookies05, steak07
Wheel of Fortune: spinach09, cabbagerolls06, tofu10
War: bananas04, spinach01
Card Claim: grilledcheese14, garlicbread13
Wishing Well: laSagna07, Wontonsoup04, garlicbrEad15, grilledchEese05, frenchToast10
New Decks: lasagna09, lasagna11, popcorn06, popcorn15, apples09
10/01/17: Traded Yasu: frozenyogurt15 for frenchtoast02 + mcs
Traded Mio: hottea14, mango15 for grilledcheese01, grilledcheese02 + mcs